Rolling dancers

32 bar Jig for three couples in a four couple set
by Zoltán Gräff
from the A Reel Goulash: Budapest Book of Scottish Country Dances

This dance was devised for dancers who use wheelchairs (, so as to enrich their repertoire.
They have learnt Scottish country dancing only for one day, on 24 June 2009. They started at 11am with learning the figures, the dance was devised after noon, and they have learnt it by 7pm. Two days after they already performed the dance.
As the dancers with wheelchairs can move relatively slower, they use twice as many bars for each figure than we normally do.

You can see this video on youtube.

Rolling Dancers J32
32 bar Jig for three couples
 1- 4   1s cast down (2s step on bars 3-4)
 5- 8   1L+2s and 1M+3s Right hands across
 9-12   1L+3s and 1M+2s Left hands across. 1s finish 2nd place on opposite side.
13-16   All set twice
17-24   1s+2s Ladie's chain
25-32   1s half petronella to own sides

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